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TECHNOLOGIES company Electronic Onboard Scale Systems Pacific Northwest

Pacific Northwest


   Electronic Onboard Scale Systems



The logging systems include the innovative PNT 9700 and PNT 9704 AccuWeigh indicators,

the first truly self-diagnostic indicators with on-screen programming.

The load cells are machined from high-alloy steel, heat treated for maximum strength, and

then tested to a 300 percent overload capacity.  The sensing elements in the double-gaged

steel shear-beam load cells feature full-twist compensation and are fully encapsulated to

withstand the harshest environmental conditions.  

Accuracy 1% of net payload and easy to operate.

• Extensive self diagnostic

• Easy two-step calibration

Long Logger Wiring Kit


(1) 9700 Indicator (2-Channel)

(2) 7042 Transcoders

(1) 216-35 35 ft Truck cable

(1) 216-80 80 ft Trailer cable

(1) 218-15 15 ft Power cable  

Long Logger Full System 79702

Short Logger Wiring Kit


(1) 9704 Indicator (4-Channel)

(4) 7042 Transcoders

(2) 216-35 35 ft Truck cable

(2) 216-80 80 ft Trailer cable

(1) 218-15 15 ft Power cable  

Short Logger Full System 79704

"I bought my first set of PNT scales 10 years ago and now have 9 trucks scaled with PNT. The scales are very accurate and I am real happy with the technology and with the self diagnostics, we are able to do any scale troubleshooting ourselves” " - Jerry, V&S Log Express

"I have 20 trucks with PNT scales. I bought my first set 15 years ago. PNT has a very good product. The scales very simple, precise and user friendly." - Jeff, Marson Trucking

"I purchased my first set of PNT scales in 1998. I have had no problems at all and am converting all trucks my trucks to PNT. My son is now buying 6 more sets of PNT scales." - James, James Gedenberg Log Trucking LLC

"I have been hauling since 1953 (over 60 years). The PNT scales are the best scales I have ever owned. They are the most accurate (average within 200 pounds every load). At 79 years of age I park my truck in the winter. In the spring I check the scale calibration and never have to re-calibrate all summer." - Abe Loewen

9700 Two Channel for Long Loggers 9704 Four Channel for Long and Short Loggers 7042 Two Inputs 7042 Two Inputs

RF Long Logger Full System 79702RF

RF Short Logger Full System 79704RF