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On-Board Weigh Scales


The 9708 Remote Scoreboard from PNTechnologies features 4-inch or 6-inch highly-visible easy-to-read numbers to show scale weights.
The electro-mechanical digits are visible from 160 feet (4-inch digits) or 200 feet (6-inch digits) through a wide viewing angle and in a variety of environmental conditions.

Compatible with any digital indicator with 20mA current loop (active/passive), RS232, or RS422/485 outputs.
The 9708 Remote Scoreboard can be installed in a location away from the platform scale.

For example, the digital indicator may be in the weigh shack while the scoreboard is next to the platform scale and more visible to the driver.

Option / accessories available for the 9708 Smart Scoreboard:

  • Printer
  • RF data link
  • Traffic-control light

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