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PNT 9704 Digital Weight Indicator - Wireless Ready
On-Board Scale Digital Electronics Systems

The First Truly Self-Diagnostic Indicator with on-Screen Programming

Display individual channel and Total weights at the same time

Designed for flexibility, the PNT 9704 Weigh Indicator is the latest technology in on-board scale electronics for the trucking industry.
It can be easily modified to meet the needs of changing system requirements.
The five user soft keys allow you to produce key functions that are unique to your application.

The 9704 four channel indicator is designed for versatility.
The 9704 can easily be programmed for two, three or four channels. Use it on a standard two channel logger, a three channel "B" train or a four channel.
The indicator retains the calibration information of all four channels which makes it very easy to switch from a long logger to a short logger without having tore-enter any calibration information. The PNT 9704 is extremely reliable and easy to operate.

  • Wireless Ready
  • Four channel models for long and short loggers, B-trains and chip trailers
  • Super-Bright, .6 high, red, seven segment LED display.
  • Two-wire, non-polarity sensitive, digital technology provides ultimate reliability.
  • An Advanced Calibration function for calibrating the scale without a load.
  • Simple diagnostics allow each system component to be quickly checked from the cab.
  • Capable of monitoring individual load cell outputs.
  • Quick switching from GROSS to NET and quick TARE RESET.
  • Easy trailer ID Function provides for interchanging multiple trailers and tractors.
  • Compatible with all models of On-board scale load cells and sensors.
  • 100 % Compatible with SI-9100QC

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