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On-Board Weigh Scale for Air-Ride Suspensions

PNT 2021 Digital Air Scale systems

PN Technology’s high performance digital air scale system is economical and easy to install. It can be used on most truck and trailer air suspensions. Operators are able to monitor the weight of axle groups or gross vehicle weight at the touch of a button. Despite their surprising affordability, the 2021 systems are highly stable and accurate to within 1% of Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW).

Hauler benefits include:

  • Eliminating overweight fines
  • Hauling the maximum legal load every trip
  • Avoiding return trips to commercial scales
  • Saving time loading and reloading

Two-wire digital communications technology provides ultimate reliability.

The Model 2100 In-cab Meter from PN Technologies is used in all on-board scale applications requiring dual channel weight displays. Total vehicle weight is displayed as well as individual tractor and trailer weights. The PNT 2100 meter can be set to cycle automatically between individual channel weights and total weight displays. The operator can press the cycle button at any time to stop and monitor any channel desired.

PNT 2201 series digital pressure transducers combine customization and flexibility to meet all air suspension applications. A unique balance achieved through innovative design and advanced manufacturing technology.

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